Dharma Disclaimer


It must be made clear that I am in not an empowered Buddhist teacher in any lineage. I have not received Dharma transmission. I do not hold any certification or credentials that authorize me to teach the Dharma or any meditation techniques. I haven't clocked all that much time on the zafu and could still be considered a zazen newbie. In fact, I don't ever see myself becoming a "Buddhist". Shikantaza just happens to be my chosen form of meditation.

I am a religious studies nerd. I geek out on the nuts and bolts and the who, what, and where of religion including the Buddhisms (even though some would argue that they aren't religions). If I say anything about Buddhism it is just my opinion as a fellow pilgrim on the path that is life. Please feel free to fact-check anything I say and verify it for yourself. I won't take it personally. 😜

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