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The Boil Down 11/27/2018

The Boil Down 11/27/2018

Note: I know this is a little soon for another "Boil Down" but I'm aiming to switch them from Fridays to Tuesdays.

Computer Stuff

  • Lea Verou | CSS3 Secrets: 10 things you might not know about CSS3 | Fronteers 2011: This video is seven years old but it was all new to me. I had no idea CSS3 could do any of that stuff.

Buddhology ⦁ Religious Studies

  • Eiheiji - Inside Dōgen's Zen Monastery: Dōgen was the founder of Sōtō Zen in Japan. Eihei-ji is one of the two head temples of the Sōtō sect. Dōgen taught Shikantaza ("nothing but precisely sitting") style zazen which also happens to be the style that works best for me.
  • New Books in Buddhist Studies: Spreading Dhamma: Writing, Orality, and Textual Transmission in Buddhist Northern Thailand by Daniel Veidlinger. "New media technology changes culture. And when it comes to religion, new technology changes the way people think and practice their traditions. And while we usually think of technology as some new gadget or machine, there was a time when the written word itself was a new technology, and this had a profound impact how Buddhism was practiced in South and South East Asia." I never really thought of writing as a new "technology" for ancient peoples before.

Ramen ⦁ Misc

  • Samyang Stew Type!
  • Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think. Many, many, many moons ago, fitting in with the people around you was crucial to your survival. Finding approval with the tribe you belonged to meant access to food and protection. "Because of this, humans evolved an over-the-top obsession with what others thought of them—a craving for social approval and admiration, and a paralyzing fear of being disliked." Civilization has completely changed but we still have a life-or-death attitude towards being accepted socially. This article explores why we should stop listening to our outdated "Social Mammoths" and start listening to our "Authentic Voices".

Peace☮ + Pizza🍕

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