Friday, November 9, 2018

Quick Update

Quick Update

of "Blood Test Results And This Blog"

or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Math"

Sorry I haven't been very active on this blog or any social media. I started a new job a little while back. Between that and school I've been pretty busy. I even dropped a class and assumed it would give me more time but so far I still feel like I have a full plate, and then some. The fact that some rhinoviruses decided my body would be a great place to replicate themselves (and subsequently kick my ass for a few days) didn't help.

Blood Test

I mentioned quite a while ago that I planned on getting another blood test to see if there was any improvement after being on a plant-based diet for a while. Well, the plant-based thing didn't quite work out as some of you know. Even with not sticking to a plant-based diet my blood values were markedly improved. Instead of 5 values being "out of range" I'm down to only three.

red indicates an out-of-range value
Test Name May 8th 2018 Result Nov 1st 2018 Result reference range
HDL Cholesterol24 mg/dL36 mg/dL> 40 mg/dL
LDL/HDL Ratio5.13.4< 5.0
Uric Acid9.2 mg/dL9.0 mg/dL4.0-8.0 mg/dL
C Reactive Protein7.5 mg/L1.5 mg/L< 3.0 mg/L
Vitamin D26 ng/mL38 ng/mL>= 30 ng/mL
HomocysteineN/A17.0 umol/L11.4 umol/L

So, there's that. Overall I'm happy with the results. My A1C was even lower than it was last time (5.0 as opposed to 5.5). Not sure what is going on with the Uric Acid and Homocysteine. I'd be worried about renal failure but the values of any other blood test that relate to the kidneys were totally normal. I'll talk with my doc and figure it out soon.


School is going well but I did have to drop my 6 unit Algebra class. I dropped it early enough that I was able to get a W so it won't affect my overall GPA. I kept choking badly on the exams which, along with the final, were 70% of the grade. I'm going to regroup and try again. I know exactly what I'm getting into with that class now.

This Blog

Since Web Development is the field I am entering I suppose I plan on using it as a playground for anything I learn. A web-developer with an ugly looking blog just won't cut it! Plan on this site being a little easier on the eyes...hopefully. [Note: The Blogger HTML editor leaves A LOT to be desired!]

I'm going to attempt to take a page out of Tim Ferriss' book with his 5-Bullet Fridays and Dragonfly BSD digest's "Lazy Reading" and "In Other BSDs". I plan to do a quick roundup of anything cool I've come across during the week. I will also endeavor to share things that are at least somewhat related to web development (front and back-end), Buddhology, and ramen. There are also a couple of posts in the works but they are still some way off.

I still feel like I'm dying so it will have to wait until sometime next week. Until then...

Self-reflection and ramen,


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