Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Back to 30 Day Challenges

Back to 30 Day Challenges

or "I Swear I'm Really Going To Stick With It This Time For Real Seriously Absolutely"

I'm crazy busy with schoolwork (this English class is going to kill me) so I'll keep this post short and to-the-point. I took a trip out of town which delayed the plans outlined in my last post. There needs to be a longer post about everything that happened on that trip but I don't have the time right now. For the sake of honesty and so I don't feel like I'm sneaking around, I fell off the wagon HARD. My friend and I were both drinking heavily while trying to move stuff from his apartment to his "new" place. I know it didn't help anything but at the same time I don't feel guilty. I haven't drank in over a week and I ZERO desire to drink right now. I really don't know what this means and I don't know where I stand with sobriety, recovery and (if I'm being truthful) a myriad of other things right now. I'm too busy to care at the moment.

30 Day Challenge no. 1: Plant-Based Eatin'

I will keep to a strict plant-based diet. So, no dairy, eggs or animal products. I won't go so far as to say a "whole food" plant-based diet because I do plan on using olive/avocado oils and dropping into Taco Bell for fresco bean burritos here and there. I will try to "whole foods" in general though so I will be avoiding processed foods like vegan "chikn" nuggets and junk food like Oreos. Yeah, Oreos are "vegan" lol. I will take a picture of everything I eat daily and post it all here weekly for some accountability.

30 Day Challenge no. 2 : Get Your Ass On That Cushion!

You are not supposed to do more than one challenge or change at a time but I think this is manageable. I will do at least fifteen minutes of daily breath (counting) meditation. The goal is to sit absolutely still and not let my mind wander for that fifteen (plus) minutes. I got used to sitting for forty minutes at a time so this should be a cakewalk. I just need to reestablish the daily habit. I'll post the log from Insight Timer here each week here. My twitter account should also have a daily post after I complete the session. I apologize for the spam in advance. :)

I have to get back to the essay I'm working on so I will post a roundup on July 5th or so. I wish you well!

Peace + Pizza

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