Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Back to 30 Day Challenges

Back to 30 Day Challenges

or "I Swear I'm Really Going To Stick With It This Time For Real Seriously Absolutely"

I'm crazy busy with schoolwork (this English class is going to kill me) so I'll keep this post short and to-the-point. I took a trip out of town which delayed the plans outlined in my last post. There needs to be a longer post about everything that happened on that trip but I don't have the time right now. For the sake of honesty and so I don't feel like I'm sneaking around, I fell off the wagon HARD. My friend and I were both drinking heavily while trying to move stuff from his apartment to his "new" place. I know it didn't help anything but at the same time I don't feel guilty. I haven't drank in over a week and I ZERO desire to drink right now. I really don't know what this means and I don't know where I stand with sobriety, recovery and (if I'm being truthful) a myriad of other things right now. I'm too busy to care at the moment.

30 Day Challenge no. 1: Plant-Based Eatin'

I will keep to a strict plant-based diet. So, no dairy, eggs or animal products. I won't go so far as to say a "whole food" plant-based diet because I do plan on using olive/avocado oils and dropping into Taco Bell for fresco bean burritos here and there. I will try to "whole foods" in general though so I will be avoiding processed foods like vegan "chikn" nuggets and junk food like Oreos. Yeah, Oreos are "vegan" lol. I will take a picture of everything I eat daily and post it all here weekly for some accountability.

30 Day Challenge no. 2 : Get Your Ass On That Cushion!

You are not supposed to do more than one challenge or change at a time but I think this is manageable. I will do at least fifteen minutes of daily breath (counting) meditation. The goal is to sit absolutely still and not let my mind wander for that fifteen (plus) minutes. I got used to sitting for forty minutes at a time so this should be a cakewalk. I just need to reestablish the daily habit. I'll post the log from Insight Timer here each week here. My twitter account should also have a daily post after I complete the session. I apologize for the spam in advance. :)

I have to get back to the essay I'm working on so I will post a roundup on July 5th or so. I wish you well!

Peace + Pizza

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Habit Change

Habit Change

I've been listening to the No Meat Athlete podcast A LOT lately. I've been listening to one episode in particular over and over. It's the January 4th, 2018 episode entitled The 5 Big Keys to Habit Change. I might do some challenges here and there again but I am switching my focus to forming new or changing habits. For example I don't want to do a "Longevity Diet" challenge. I want to make that diet the way I eat for the rest of my life.

One of the points that Matt Frazier brings up is that if you changed one habit a month for three years, that would be 36 new/changed habits. You would almost be a completely different person at the end of those three years. This episode was from a NMA Academy seminar. I hope it is alright to list out the 5 Big Keys. Please go listen to the podcast if you are even remotely curious about this. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Matt Frazier and Doug Hay. Go check No Meat Athlete out!

The 5 Big Keys are as follows:

  1. Have to want to change or feel a need to change. There needs to be an emotional connection.
  2. Don't start immediately, have patience. Give preparation and planning time so you do not build a habit of starting something new only to fail and quit.
  3. Change one only one thing at a time. You can plot out which change you want to make first in advance.
  4. Start out with small steps.
  5. Something to keep you accountable. Could be as simple as a piece of paper with a list you check off at the end of the day.

So I've decided to that for 30 days after Sunday June 17th, 2018 I will eat only as outlined in The Longevity Diet. I know I should only be establishing one habit at a time but I will also work on adding daily stillness/breath meditation back into my routine. I am only going to start out with a 10 minute session to reestablish the practice. I do not see how this could be overwhelming.

To keep accountable for these habit changes I will turn on the automatic tweets for my Insight Timer app and I will do a weekly post with a visual food diary of what I ate. I read The 4 Hour Body many moons ago I remember where Tim talks about the "flash diet" and how about taking a pic of your food before you eat it act as an "instantaneous intervention and forced people to consider their choices before the damage was done."

Beyond all of that I need to head out of town to help a friend move over the weekend. I might not be around much and I'm planning on leaving my laptop at home. Then, school starts up on Monday. Oh, and I need...ok, needed, to get a job a while ago. So, long story short, I'm not sure how active I will be on the media de sociales for a while. However, I do have a sizable queue of daily sleaze, fantasy and sci-fi art tweets ready to long as Crowdfire doesn't mess them up.

Unless I post something in the meantime (which is doubtful), I will be back here with the first weekly update on Sunday, June 24th, 2018.

Peace + Pizza


Monday, June 4, 2018

90 Day Plant-Based Challenge Weekly Roundup 03

90 Day PBD Weekly Roundup No. 3

or "How I Am A Complete Failure, Please Kill Me Now. Please."

or "How I'm Bouncing Back From Failure"

Sorry For The Delay

The reason will become evident in a moment.

What I ate for the week of 03.21-03.27

I ate only potatoes (Russets and sweet potatoes) for the second week in a row. I was feeling pretty good too. I decided to add some low sodium hot sauce about halfway through the week and noticed that the weight that had been steadily falling off suddenly stopped. It seems even 350mg of sodium was enough for my body to retain water. All in all, I was doing damn good and then...

Then I Fucked Up

My entrance to the failure expressway started on Memorial Day. I should have been beginning the second phase of the "diet" by eating nutrient-dense veggie stews. However, since it was Memorial Day I decided to get some veggie dogs. (Note: How remembering fallen armed service members become equated with eating hot dogs and hamburgers is beyond me but...) I have honestly preferred veggie dogs to regular hot dogs for many moons so I would have been getting veggie dogs regardless of trying to eat a plant-based diet. I purchased some Lightlife Tofu Pups because they have the least ingredients (and I know what all of those ingredients are) and are only 50 calories a pup. I got some Ezekiel 4:9 bread to go with it. This all sounds healthy right? Well, I ate six of them. I still only wound up consuming about 1500 calories for the whole day but I was RAVENOUS. The veggie dogs triggered all sorts of nuclear-powered food cravings out of nowhere. I could have eaten six more!
Long story short, going from very bland food to hyper palliative food in such a short time set me up for failure. I ate six more tofu pups the next day with the biggest salad I have ever eaten before. I was still insanely hungry. By Wednesday my willpower was completely broken. I consumed fast food on a trip back up to my hometown and ate horribly the whole time I was there. The ninety day challenge was and is a #FAIL.

An Anal-y-sis.

I had several factors working against me. The two greatest components to the failure were that I didn't really have a support system in place and I was making too many huge changes all at once. As far as the support system, please don't get me wrong. I appreciate the hell out of every single kind and encouraging word I got! I was making too many significant dietary changes all at once to not have some sort of daily hand-holding in place. Penn Jillette, Matt Donnely and other people doing the "Cray-Ray" diet were in contact with Ray Cronise almost daily. If not in contact with him they knew he was watching their blood pressure and weight readings regularly.

Although it is not their fault I also have people in my personal life who were not supportive at all. In fact a couple of them seemed to be actively working against me. Oddly enough they are the least healthy people I know too...

Where Do I Go From Here

I am almost done reading Valter Longo's The Longevity Diet*. I highly recommend it even though I have not finished it yet. (Note: I'm slightly skeptical of the "fasting-mimicking diet" he pushes in it- why not just do a water fast? Maybe a fasting-mimetic diet IS all it's cracked up to be but it is also damned expensive. I should point out that Longo receives no financial gain from the sale of the diet product though.) Between the longevity diet and some of Michael Greger's guidelines in How Not To Die* I have a good game plan for how to eat. I should be able to keep compliant with the longevity diet because it allows, nay prescribes, 2-3 servings of low-mercury seafood a week, 3 tablespoons of olive oil daily (something missing from all of the other plant-based diet books I'd read recently) and a daily ounce of nuts/seeds. I plan on eating an egg or two here or there. I will still avoid dairy and all other animal products.

All in all I lost 22.4 lbs in those three week which is A LOT! I've put some of it back on but I haven't gone completely off the rails as far as what I'm eating. Come Hell or high water, the fat will continue to come off.

That said, even though I am done with the ninety day challenge I still have a blood test coming up in August that needs to show some vastly improved numbers, a waistline that needs some shrinking and blood pressure that needs to come down quite a bit. I'd like my kidneys to keep functioning, my dick to keep working and, oh yeah, I don't want to stroke out. I might have failed on my challenge but I must still work towards improving my health. Quitting and going back to how I was eating before just isn't an option. I will post my (improved!) results from the blood tests and more biometrics in August.

I am completely open to suggestions about how to keep culpable for what I eat. If you'd like me to still do a weekly "wrap-up" post about what I'm eating let me know. Or do you think daily snaps of what I ate would be good (I can provide snaps info I you want)? If you have any ideas please let me know.

In the meantime I need to figure out some new thirty day challenges.

Peace + Pizza


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