Monday, May 21, 2018

90 Day Plant-Based Challenge Weekly Roundup 02

90 Day PBD Weekly Roundup No. 2

For this week I went a little extreme. I'm doing a mono-diet of just plain, whole potatoes for two weeks. This includes all the various edible tubers dubbed "potatoes" from russets to sweet potatoes and everything in between. I will mainly be eating sweet potatoes and baked russets to keep it simple.

This is not a "Potato Diet" or "Potato Hack"

The whole idea behind a two-week mono-diet is to help reset your flavor pallet by completely removing added salt, sugar and oil. Learning to enjoy the natural flavor of foods is the ultimate goal behind the mono-diet and any weight loss is a welcome side-effect.

White potatoes became fairly maligned at some point but they pack quite a few nutrients and when combined with sweet potatoes most (if not all) nutritional needs should be met. Hell, Andrew Taylor only ate potatoes for a year and was perfectly fine. This is only two weeks however and not meant to be a permanent situation.

The mono-diet doesn't need to be potatoes either. It could be brown rice, or beans or many other things. Potatoes are just convenient and VERY filling. You can only eat a few and then you're full. It's next to impossible to overeat plain whole potatoes.

A much greater variety of foods (via nutrient dense veggie stews) are added to the diet after the first two weeks...and I am greatly looking forward to that!

What I ate for the week

Sorry for getting lazy with the images but once you've seen one baked Russet or sweet potato you've seen them all 😆. My caloric intake was very low again. Don't worry, I have plenty of stored energy on my body. I'm in no danger of wasting away any time soon.

 I only tried to eat when I felt really hungry and plain potatoes are filling...and really boring. I am also taking 1000 mcg of b-12 and 5000 IU of  Vitamin D3 daily.

  • Day 8 Monday, May 14th: 3 cups of coffee, 3 Wendy's plain baked potatoes. 
  • Day 9 Tuesday, May 15th: 3 cups of coffee, 26 oz. of baked russets.
  • Day 10 Wednesday May 16th: 5 cups of coffee, 16 oz. of baked russets. (I was not feeling too great today so was not that hungry- this might have been the worst day of the week).
  • Day 11 Thursday, May 17th: 3 cups of coffee, 23 oz. baked russets.
  • Day 12 Friday, May 18th: 3 cups of coffee, 1 'bucks venti Americano, 10 oz baked russets, 15 oz. sweet potatoes.
  • Day 13 Saturday, May 19th: 3 cups of coffee, 9 oz sweet potato, 24.5 oz. baked russet.
  • Day 14 Sunday, May 20th: 3 cups of coffee, 24.85 oz baked russets. 

In summation

I weigh myself everyday and was down .6 lbs yesterday so of course today I am up .6 lbs. About ten years ago or so I lost a lot of weight and started eating what I thought was a healthy diet. My official weekly weigh-in was every Friday. I weighed myself daily much like now and my weight would ALWAYS be up on Friday. I wonder if there is some weird psychological factor to it.

I'm down 6.2 pounds this week and 17.4 pounds over all. My systolic blood pressure has gone from hypertension to pre-hypertension. I still need to get it lower but it has only been two weeks and I'm happy as long as it is headed the right direction.

I really felt crappy at times during the first five days of the mono-diet. My thoughts were really cloudy and jumbled for a couple of the days but fortunately I was able to take it easy. I'm feeling fine now though.

That's it for this week. I will check back in next week.

Peace and Weenies 🌭

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