Monday, May 14, 2018

90 Day Plant-Based Challenge Weekly Roundup 01

90 Day PBD Weekly Roundup No. 1

or "Who Knew Taco Bell Wasn't That Good For You?"

Hah! It wasn't that bad.


I got the results from my blood test(s) and they weren't what I expected, but they were not surprising either. My LDL cholesterol was okay (76) but my HDL was low (24). That is throwing off the ratio of LDL to HDL to make it higher than it should be (5.1). My Uric Acid was 9.2 mg/DL and the healthy range is 4.0 to 8.0 mg/DL. Sooo, that meanse my kidneys aren't happy. I'm assuming this has to do with high blood pressure. This marker kind of freaked me out because I DON'T WANT GOUT!

My C-Reactive Protein (inflammation marker) was 7.5 mg/L which is an indicator of "higher relative cardiovascular risk". Well, great. Again, though, I'm not really that surprised.

My Vitamin D was 26 ng/mL which is considered an "insufficient" level of Vitamin D. Time to start taking some Vitamin D3 and get out in the sun.

As long as I stick to the whole food plant based eating (and take some D3) all of these potential problems should be fixed. I will know when I take another test in twelve weeks or so. If they are not fixed by then I'll make a trip to the doctor and get on the meds I need to get on.

90 Day Challenge Goal

The two main goals of this 90 day challenge are to lose a lot of fat and to change the food that I habitually eat (and desire to eat) in my day to day life.

What I ate

This will probably like it's not that much food...and it isn't. I have A LOT of stored energy so I'm trying to tap into that as much as possible. I could probably live for a month off the fat in my left tit alone. I will be fine with a restricted caloric intake for a while. 

  • Day 1 Monday, May 7th: 3 cups of coffee, petite sweet potatoes (with ground flaxseed and roasted sesame seeds), steamed spinach (with roasted sesame seeds), B-12 1000 mcg.
  • Day 2 Tuesday, May 8th: 3 cups of coffee, half a chipotle veggie burrito with guac (no cheese or sour cream), steamed asparagus, steamed spinach, 1 oz raw pecans.
  • Day 3 Wednesday, May 9th: 3 cups of coffee, Trader Joe's Sriracha Baked Tofu, 2 Taco Bell Fresco Bean Burritos.
  • Day 4 Thursday, May 10th: 1 Startbuck's Venti Americano, 2 cups of coffee, 2 Wendy's Baked potatoes (no sour cream, only chive). 
  • Day 5 Friday, May 11th: Starbucks Venti Americano, 650 g (before cooking) sweet potato, 1 bag of Uncle Ben's whole grain brown rice. 
  • Day 6 Saturday, May 12th: Starbucks Venti Americano (6 shot), 3 Taco Bell fresco bean burrito, Taco Bell large unsweetened iced tea. 
  • Day 7 Sunday, May 13th: Coffee 3 cups (not pictured), Suja life drink (50 calories), Uncle Ben's brown rice, Simply Balanced Organic Low Sodium Three-bean Blend Kidney, Pinto & Black Beans, Hot curry sauce.

The odd thing I noticed was, even when I was in a sizable caloric deficit, on the days that I ate Taco Bell I didn't lose any weight. In fact once I was up a pound the next day when I stepped on the scale. I also noticed that the food was not that filling. It actually made me ravenous for more...Taco Bell. Even though they have decent plant-based options, I'm ultimately going for whole foods (and not the market, either). I think it's best to avoid Taco Bell from now on.

The cravings for greasy food were insane at times. It was almost too much. The impulse to get some loaded fries, pizza or whatever was relentless. I'm hoping the cravings become a little more manageable after I adjust what I am consuming.

In summation

After weighing myself this morning I'm down 11 lbs overall. I'm 70 days sober. I have 1 consecutive day of doing zazen after missing a couple of days. Oops. Time to get back on that Zen horse! My blood pressure has barely come down but I will give it a little more time after I further reduce my sodium intake.

That was the first week. I kept it plant-based but am not really happy with my general diet. I still consumed too much processed, salty, hyper-palatable food with oil and refined grains. I could have eaten more whole foods and consumed far more bulk. I am using the fact that I was out of town for a few days as an excuse though. For the next two weeks I am going to go a little extreme (note: no more extreme than the daily 1-man eating competitions I was engaged in). If anyone has heard Penn Jillette talk about how he lost his weight or read his book Presto! you might have a good idea of what I plan on doing. 

Viva la potatoes!

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