Tuesday, May 8, 2018

30 Days 30 Posts: Day 30

Day 30

or "It's Over!"

or "This has been...an experience."

I joke. This hasn't been bad at all. I have tried to start a 30 Day Blog challenge at least twice before and failed miserably both times. I'm really glad I saw it through to the end this time. I am also very thankful for every single person who read this while the challenge was going on. That and the social media interactions (you all know who you are- and the blog comments by Whiskey) gave me the encouragement I needed to finish it.

Today I went and got my blood drawn for the 90 Day whole-food PBD challenge. I ordered the Comprehensive Wellness Profile (lipids, liver, kidneys, whatnot), C-Reactive Protein (inflammation), Hemoglobin A1c (diabeetus), and Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy Tests. I'm hoping I have the results by the first of the "weekly recap" posts about my progress with this challenge.

As far as how the 90 day challenge is going, so far so good. Of course it has only been one day but I am feeling really good about it. I'm tracking everything in the Cron-O-Meter app and following Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen (Android | iPhone) as a general guide. I'm also trying to adjust and modify what I am eating as I read more of Julieanna Hever and Ray Cronise's Plant-Based Nutrition (Amazon Associate link).

Topic: Post a picture of yourself from today and five good things that have happened since you started this challenge.

Ok. Here is the photo of myself...


First Good Thing

The most important good thing is that I finally was able to get rid of my Mom's house. It was such an odd situation because there had been a fire which did extensive damage but it didn't totally destroy the house. The house was a huge drain financially, mentally and emotionally. I am glad to not have to deal with it and the mobile home park where it was located any longer. I need to get a few more things out of the house and then I'm completely done with it.

Second Good Thing

I decided to sober up (*cough* again). It was just time to face the fact that I can't drink like a "normal" person. As of right now I have 64 days and am feeling great!  I do still need to get into some sort of recovery program though because I will slowly convince myself I can drink again and I will be right back where I was. I've been here before, BUT I am sober and am not going to drink today.

Third Good Thing

I was able to sign up for the classes I needed for the Summer session. I am completely back on track as far as school goes. I have a ways to go to get my Associate's and the certificates I want, and even further to go to get my Bachelor's but I'm headed the right direction.

4th Good Thing

I got consistent about my zazen practice. I have 62 consecutive days of staring at a wall under my belt! The benefits might not be profound but they are there. It is subtle but I can tell I am a bit more equanimous than I was before.

Fifth Good Thing

I celebrated my birthday! I got many, many, many more happy birthday wishes than I expected! I ate greasy pizza that was covered with all sorts of meats and huge piece of carrot cake. I also received some Amazon gift cards (always a winner), a Star Wars K-250 Force Link 2.0 figure and a copy of Far Cry 5 as gifts. It made turning 102 years old very memorable.

That will do it for this 30 day blog challenge! Thank you everyone who helped by reading these inane, narcissistic posts! I will be back in a week or so to show you how terrible my blood markers are and how disgustingly healthy I'm eating!



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