Friday, May 4, 2018

30 Days 30 Posts: Day 26

Day 26

or "Oops, I almost ran out of time to post again"

Gary Cooper at The Hemingway House. No. Really! That was his name.

I swear now that I'm home my routine is completely out of whack. Also, I ain't gonna lie, I am running out of steam on this blog challenge. I will see this through to the end though. I am excited about starting other thirty day challenges soon too! More on that later.

Today's topic: Post a photo of somewhere you've been.

I'll do more than that and post several photos of my trip to Key West for Fantasy Fest in 2012.

Note: I have almost no good pictures of the festivities at night because by then I was almost too drunk to stand every time. Should have been a clue I needed to sober up then, maybe? Hah.

Duval Street from my friend's balcony.


Weird statues.


Marilyn Monroe statue in front of the Tropic Cinema.

Hemingway House.


Hemingway House pool

Key West Cemetery.

Key West Cemetery

Duval Street from my friend's balcony.

Hemingway's library at the Hemingway House.

Polydactlyl cat at The Hemingway House.

Hemingway House.

Can't remember the exact beach but thought this looked cool.

I'd like to go back there someday soon! Especially The Hemingway House again. 🤣 Anyway, I will be back again tomorrow for day 27. Four more days!!!

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