Sunday, May 6, 2018

30 Days 30 Posts: 28

Day 28

or "I didn't do shit today"

Topic: Bullet your entire day.

  • Woke up and made coffee while listening to Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social (podcast).
  • Messed around on Twitter and shopped a pic of @kittykatluna_ for the the 2018 XBIZ Cam Awards contest.
  • Made another cup of coffee and zoned out to twitter while listening to the Drew Carey episode of WTF.
  • Made another cup of coffee and hung out in Luna's chat room.
  • Steamed some brussels sprouts and made stew-style Samyang spicy noods. Weird combo, I know. Ate said food.
  • Played Far Cry 5 while listening to the Rich Roll podcast. I played for WAYYYY too long.
  • Washed all the dishes I used when making the spicy ramen and brussels srpouts. 
  • Printed out the general education requirements for an associate's degree, CSU general education-breadth and the Web Development curriculum guide. After printing these out I realized I had already printed this all out months ago.
  • Looked at the LBCC Summer Class Schedule and figured out which classes I want/need to get for this summer session. Basically, the more online classes the better for me. It is so much more convenient. I'm hoping for 13 units- 2 online classes and one on campus.
  • Broke down some cardboard boxes and threw them into the recycling bin. They had been in my room for far too long.
  • Looked through my external hdd for a while while listening to more Ice Cream Social (I'm really behind on episodes). Made another pic for the XBIZ contest tomorrow.
  • Began working on this.
  • I will play some more Far Cry 5 after I'm done with this post until I can fall asleep. IF I can fall asleep.
Not a very eventful day but...that's it.

Only two more days until this challenge is done! I'm firing up the next two challenges (a 90 day and a 30 day) on Tuesday. Those will only require a weekly "summation" post I'm thinking. More on that tomorrow, maybe. 

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