Sunday, April 29, 2018

30 Days 30 Posts: Day 21

Day 21

or "The Last Supper"

I like chicken wings and mochi.

Topic: Death Row Meal

I saw this topic several days ago and was kind of worried about what I would write. Should I go with something fairly decadent like Osso Buco and risotto (although in all likelihood I'd actually be served Salisbury Steak with instant mashed potatoes). Maybe I would go ascetic and get lentil soup in a veggie broth. Or I could really bloat up my ego for my last 24 to 48 hours among the living and possibly even just request bread and water.

A trip to the supermarket this evening provided the answer. Luna (the SUCCESSFUL Luna- sorry dumb inside joke) snapped a pic of a freezer full of mochi ice cream at Whole Foods, I suddenly had the compulsion to get mochi ice cream too! After I grabbed a few different kinds of mochi ice cream I also got some hot wings from the deli.

What an amazing combo!

So that's it! My Death Row meal would be hot wings and mochi ice cream.

Sorry for the semi-lazy post. I'll back tomorrow for DAY 22!


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