Sunday, April 22, 2018

30 Days 30 Posts: Day 14

Day 14

or "Why am I letting this crap clutter up my room?!"

Topic: What do you collect?

I'm not going to go into it yet but the last year or so I've been having figure out what to do with a lifetime's worth of someone else's acquisitions; otherwise known as "having to get rid of a house-full of someone else's crap". It's has pushed me to start getting rid of a lot of my own things. I am just plain old sick of "stuff".

BUT that doesn't mean I am ready to get rid of my collection of figures! I mainly have Funko Pop! Vinyls but I also have a couple of Bishoujo and some other random figures. When I started collecting the Funko Pops I really tried to stick with a theme to avoid putting too much of a hurt on the old pocketbook. For the most part I've stuck to my theme. As you'll notice it's mostly DC.1

I'm also apparently starting a Pusheen collection too. 🤣

Sorry for the quality of the photos. I took these pics very quickly before I had to head back out of town.

That will do it for today! Let's do it again tomorrow! 

1. [FYI: I don't consider myself a DC or Marvel guy. I collected a lot of the Marvel mutant titles when I was younger but I was also into Batman. Not much has changed.]

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