Monday, April 9, 2018

30 days 30 posts: Day 1

What Is This Blog?

I'm doing something I have failed at multiple times before and attempting to do a blog post every day for the the next thirty days. I've been telling myself that I will start posting on this blog without actually doing it for far too long. I'm hoping this will knock me out of torpor and unlock and/or ignite some general creativity.
Although I have read you are only supposed to do one challenge at a time (or focus on changing one habit at a time) I am also doing this alongside a 30 day totally plant-based and (mostly) whole-food dietary challenge. I've watched the amazing physical transformation of Penn Jillette after he switched to a whole-food plant-based diet and have been inspired. I've been fairly unhealthy the last few years and very unhealthy the last year. I'm hoping I can undo some of the damage I might have caused internally if not just to my waistline.
So, what is this blog?
A little about me: After years of working in retail and construction I decided to do the "old man goes back to school" thing in hopes of bettering my life. Navigating school and a future career at an advanced age such as mine will probably be one of the central subjects I've also gotten back into a regular zazen (Zen meditation) routine- 34 days straight as of today. I have some, hopefully valid, thoughts about Zen, religion, and faith (or lack-there-of) in general. I've been around the block once or twice and I know a thing or two about a thing or two. There is also plenty that I do not know but I am willing and hoping to learn (and share).
Self-improvement blogs with public records of different thirty to ninety day challenges have been popular for quite a while. I guess this will be my attempt to throw my hat in the ring. It is time to improve myself so I can be the person I really want to be. It's time to push myself out of my comfort zones. It's time to forge new relationships and possibly end old ones. Most of this will all be done out in the open, success and failure both hung out there for all eyes to see.
If there was a sub-title for this blog it would be "If I Can Do It, Anyone Can." I have no plans on doing anything that will put me in the history books. I would just like achieve some of my goals and prove that it can be done. If this blog helps even just one person it has done it's job...and if it never helps even one person, hey, it's still a creative outlet. Who knows? My content might just turn into dumb shit I draw and stuff that made me laugh.
There it is. This is the first day and first post. Here's to at least twenty-nine more posts to follow in as many days.
Note: I will be tweaking the blog layout over the next several days too.

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